Aiou Solved Assignment Spring 2021 F.A Pdf Download

Aiou solved assignment spring 2021 free download pdf.


Aiou solved assignment spring 2021 fa code 386 

Aiou Introduction:

Aiou solved assignment 2021 Allama Iqbal Open University Aiou was established in May 1974, and since then, it has started regular operations all over Pakistan. Today, it has become the most popular. It has become the first largest university in Asia, with many boys and girls enrolling and getting degrees in various subjects and enjoying life to join new jobs in various private and government companies based on the documents they receive from Allama Iqbal University.

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Assignment Submission Date F.A:

Assignment No 1    July 1,2021

Assignment No 2    July 1,2021

Assignment No 3    July 30,2021

Assignment No 4     August 30,2021

Aiou F.A Exame Date   September 2021

Aiou Assignment Importance:

Aiou assignments are very important for students. In addition, you cannot get past your semester without submitting resolved assignments. Due to an issue, you are not submitting a resolved assignment you failed to announce. Whether you take the exam or get 90% marks doesn't matter. Therefore, the assignment must be submitted.

Aiou solved assignment for spring 2021 F.A

AIU announces the deadline for assignments resolved at the beginning of the semester. Assignments are based on your course. You know what it means. Some aiou books have 2 assignments some have 2. So you don't just have to worry about assigning responsibilities and presenting them


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Aiou solved the assignment spring 2021 pdf F.A

Code          Book Name              

303              Iqbaliat     

Assignment No.1  

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1                      

308       General Science          

1. Download     2. Download  3. Download 4. Download  

311       Book Keeping And Accountancy 

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.2

Assignment No.4

312          Education        

 1. Download 2. Download 3. Download 4. Download

315       Economics      

 1. Download 2. Download 3. Download 4. Download

321       Muslim History Of Sub-Continent

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.2

Assignment No.3

Assignment No.4

343       Islamiat (E)

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1

Assignment No.1

346     Principles Of Commerce 

 1. Download  2. Download 3. Download 4. Download

241       Persian                       Coming Soon

251       Human Rights             Coming Soon

257       Penology                     1.Download 2.Download

389       Quran-E-Hakeem         Coming Soon

Half Credit Book Solved Assignments F.A

Code         Book Name

301          Daftri Urdu            1. Download   2. Download

305          Rural Development  1. Download  2. Download

313          Dairy Farming            1. Download  2. Download

316          Islamiyat                     1.Download   2.Download   

317           Pakistan Studies       1. Download   2. Download    

319           Ethics                          1. Download    2. Download

322           Secretarial Practice    1. Download  2. Download

327           Farm  Machinery         1. Download   2. Download

328           Improved Methods Of Oil Seed Crops 1.PDF 2.PDF

329            Jadeed Zarat          1. Download    2. Download

330   Child Care And Development   

          1. Download  2. Download

342         Improved Methods Of Fruit Production 

                    1.PDF     2.PDF 

345    Home Management And Home Furnishing 

               1.PDF    2.PDF

347            Banking                    1. Download  2. Download

349            Plant Protection        1. Download    2. Download

355            Consumer Textile      1. Download    2. Download

356            Food And Nutrition    1. Download    2. Download

357            Health And Nutrition   1. Download    2. Download

358            Apparel Design          1. Download    2. Download

360     Information Technology Applications 

1. Download    2. Download

363            Urdu – I                1. Download    2. Download

364            Urdu – II                1. Download    2. Download

366        Action for Health          1. Download    2. Download

386       Compulsory English – I 1. Download    2. Download

387  Compulsory English – II    1. Download    2. Download

394         Statistics – I                1. Download    2. Download

395         Statistics – II             1. Download    2. Download

1307           Math – I               1. Download    2. Download

1308           Math – II              1. Download    2. Download

1309           Math – III              1. Download    2. Download

1339         Basics Of Accounting  1. Download    2. Download

1345       Principles Of Commerce  1. Download    2. Download

1346     Commercial Accessories 1. Download    2. Download

1347      Commercial Geography  1. Download    2. Download

1349   Introduction To Business Mathematics 1. Download    2. Download

1340 Business Accounting 1. Download    2. Download

1348      Introduction to Economics 1. Download    2. Download

1350     Introduction to Business Statistics   1. Download    2. Download  

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Aiou solved assignment spring 2021 free download pdf.

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