Aiou All Program Fee Structure 2023-24 Complete details

We combed through AIOU recently released fee structure for all programs in 2023-24, so you know precisely what to budget for your studies. Whether you are enrolling in BA, B.Ed, MA & M.Ed program, this guide will walk you through the tuition fees, exam fees & any additional costs you need to keep in mind. After the end of this article, you will have a clear sense of how much you will need to pay each semester so you can start planning your finances & apply for any necessary funding or student aid. Let's dive in and break down the AIOU fee structure program by program 2024.

Aiou Fee Structure For Overseas

The fees for overseas students enrolled in AIOU programs are calculated differently than for local Pakistani students. As an international student, you'll pay:

  1. Admission fee: A one-time fee of Rs. 5,000 to apply and be admitted into a program.

  2. Tuition fee: The tuition fee varies for each program but averages around Rs. 25,000 per semester for undergraduate programs and Rs. 45,000 for graduate programs. Fees are paid semesterly.

  3. Resource fee: Rs. 1,000 per course to access online resources and materials.

  4. Technology fee: A Rs. 500 fee per semester to utilize the university's technology services.

  5. Exam fee: Around Rs. 1,000 per course for midterm and final exams. Fees must be paid before you can sit for each exam.

In total, you can expect to pay between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 200,000 per year as an overseas AIOU student, depending on your program of study. While the fees may seem high, an AIOU education is affordable compared to a university in another country. Financial aid & scholarships are also available for top students to help lower the costs.

Aiou Fee Structure For All Programs

The good news is that AIOU does offer generous scholarships and financial assistance for those who need it. So, if the fees seem steep, apply for aid to help make your master's degree affordable. With flexible payment plans & scholarships, AIOU aims to make higher education accessible for students from all backgrounds.

Aiou All Program Fee Structure 2023-24

Aiou All Program Fee Structure 2023-24

When it comes to fees for AIOU's master's programs, there are a few things you should know:

  • First, all students must pay an admission fee of Rs.2,000 to apply. Once accepted, you'll have to pay Rs.20,000 as a confirmation of admission within the deadline given. These fees are non-refundable, so make sure you're committed before paying!

  • For coursework, you'll pay Rs.4,000 per 3-credit hour course. The total number of courses depends on your specific program requirements. Most master's degrees require completion of 30-36 credit hours.

  • In addition, all students must pay a one-time library security fee of Rs.1,000.

  • Finally, at the end of your program, you'll pay an examination fee of Rs.4,000 to sit for your final exams and Rs.5,000 as a convocation fee when you graduate.

Aiou Fee Payment Through Easypaisa Procedure

To pay your Aiou fees through Easypaisa, follow these simple steps:

1. Register your account

First, you'll need to register an Easypaisa account. This can be done by downloading the Easypaisa app on your phone or via their website. Provide some basic info to set up your profile.

2. Add funds

Next, add funds to your Easypaisa account balance so you have enough to pay your Aiou fees. This can be done at any Easypaisa retailer, via online bank transfer, or by depositing cash at an Easypaisa agent. Make sure you add enough to cover the total fee amount.

3. Select 'Aiou fee payment'

In the Easypaisa app or website, choose 'Aiou fee payment' from the bill payment options. Enter your Aiou roll number and the fee amount you need to pay. Double-check your details are correct before proceeding to the next step.

4. Confirm and pay

Review the payment details and confirm they are accurate. Then tap 'Pay now' to complete the transaction. Your Aiou fee payment will be deducted from your Easypaisa account balance immediately.

5. Save the receipt

Finally, save or print the payment receipt from Easypaisa as proof that your Aiou fees have been paid. Keep this for your records in case of any questions about your payment.

Paying through Easypaisa is quick, secure, and convenient. You can submit your Aiou fees from anywhere.


The entire fee structure for all the programs offered by Aiou All Program Fee Structure 2023-24. Whether you want to pursue a short course to pick up a new skill or work towards a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree, AIOU has various affordable options. Flexible study modes mean you can find a program that suits your needs & schedule. While the fees may vary for some courses, AIOU strives to make higher education accessible for all. See the scholarships & financial assistance programs available if the cost is a study. Take that first step and enroll in a program at AIOU. A bright future & rewarding career are waiting for you! If you wish to stay updated with Allama Iqbal Open University's latest updates, visit a single blog website,, and share it with all interested friends studying at Aiou.

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FAQs: Aiou All Program Fee Structure 2024

Q: What is the fee structure of AIOU?

Ans: The fee structure varies depending on the program and level of study. Fees range from around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 50,000 per semester. AIOU aims to provide affordable education for all.

Q: How do you get the AIOU Fee Structure for all programs?

Ans: The fee structure for each program is available on AIOU's official website. You can find details for undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate & diploma programs. Fees are subject to change, so always check the current fee schedule.

Q: Is an Open University degree Recognized abroad?

Ans: Yes, degrees from AIOU are recognized both nationally and internationally. AIOU is accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, so degrees are accepted worldwide for further education or employment.

Q: Which courses are offered by AIOU?

Ans: AIOU gives over 300 courses across disciplines such as education, social sciences, sciences, humanities, computer science & Islamic studies. Courses range from certificates to Ph.D. programs. Popular choices include MBA, B.Ed., and BS programs.

Q: Is AIOU regular or private?

Ans: AIOU is Pakistan's first open university, established in 1974. It is a public-sector university and not a private university. AIOU aims to give distance & continuing education to those students who cannot attend a traditional university.

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