Aiou Tutor Search By Roll No 2023-2024 Full Details

 As an AIOU student, connecting with your tutor is crucial to succeeding in your courses and getting assignment guidance. Searching for your AIOU tutor by roll number is actually pretty straightforward. In just a few simple steps, you'll be on your way to finding your tutor's contact details so you can reach out, build a relationship, and get the support you need. Whether you're taking AIOU courses for the first time or are a seasoned student, read on to learn how to search for your AIOU tutor Search by roll number 2023-2024 school year.

How to Find Aiou Tutor by Registration No

To find your appointed Aiou tutor, you need to follow these simple processes. This will be the simplest way to detect a Tutor with a Registration Number. Let us divide the easy method into some steps, which are the steps you follow:

So Follow these steps to find your assigned tutor:
  • In the search bar, you enter your "AIOU Enrollment."

  • Or You can Just directly Click the above link

  • Enter your roll number

  • Write the account password sent by the university.

  • After Dashboard will open.

  • Simply Click "My Tutors" to see your assigned tutor.

  • Tutor Confirmation PDF File Download

Aiou Tutor Search By Roll No 2023-2024

Aiou Tutor Search By Roll No 2023-2024
Aiou Tutor Search By Roll No 2023-2024

AIOU Tutor Search By Name And Roll No

To search for your AIOU tutor by roll number, go to and click 'Find Your Tutor' at the top. Enter your correct roll number and select your program from the dropdown medrop-downSearch',, and your tutor's details should appear, including their name, subject, address, and phone number.

Be sure to contact your tutor right away. Call them to introduce yourself, ask questions about the course or syllabus, and see how they prefer to communicate. Some tutors may connect via phone, email, or in person. Discuss the expectations for completing and submitting assignments to stay on track. 

What Is a Tutor And Its Responsibilities

A tutor is a teacher who provides you guidance and support for your AIOU coursework. Their role is essential, as they are responsible for assessing your assignments & projects, giving you feedback & ultimately assigning your final grade. As a student, it is necessary to know who is your tutor & how to contact them.

Once AIOU allocates a tutor based on your roll number, you should contact them immediately to introduce yourself. Make a good relationship with your tutor through communicating openly & treating them with courtesy & respect. Ask any questions about course expectations, deadlines, or material you need help understanding. Your tutor will support your learning, so do not hesitate to use them as a resource.

Submit assignments on time and in the required format when they are due. Only sometimes formatted work may be penalized. Your tutor will check your result & give comments on how you can improve, so read their feedback carefully. Use it to strengthen your understanding & increase future assignments.

About Allama Iqbal Open University

Allama Iqbal Open University, or AIOU, is Pakistan's largest distance learning institution, offering education from primary to post-graduate levels. Whether you're looking to advance your career, pursue a hobby, or work towards a degree, AIOU has a program for you.

This gives education through distance & open learning to those who can not attend regular universities due to work or family responsibilities, physical disabilities, or financial constraints. They provide programs in diverse fields of education, including sciences, social sciences, humanities, computers & management, to meet students' interests & aptitudes. For more information, visit Aiou Official website for any questions or Queries.

1. Admission: Admissions are offered twice yearly for the Spring and Autumn semesters. You can apply online on the university website. The admission form requires personal information such as name, address, date of birth & educational qualifications. A small admission fee can be paid through demand draft or online.

2. Programs Offered: AIOU offers programs from the Matric to the PhD level. Some of the major programs are:

  • Matric

  • Intermediate (FA, I.Com)

  • Bachelor (BA, B.Ed, B.Com, BS)

  • Master (MA, M.Ed, M.Com, M.Sc)

  • M.Phil/PhD

They also offer short courses and diplomas in various disciplines to improve skills.

3. Examinations: AIOU conducts examinations twice a year for the Spring and Autumn semesters. Date sheets are issued on the website before the start of exams. Students can download roll number slips to appear in the exams. Results are also announced on the website, along with information on re-checking and re-appearing in papers.


A step-by-step guide to finding your AIOU tutor by roll number for the 2023-2024 semester. No more guessing or confusion; you now know exactly how to look up who will be grading your assignments. With this information in hand, you can reach out, make a connection & make sure you are giving them work that will impress. The hard part - the research and writing - is on you, but at least finding your tutor won't be an extra challenge.

Now, you can focus on putting your best into those essays and reports, knowing who will be on the receiving end. The resources are there; you have the skills, so make this semester count. Show your tutor what you can! If you want to get the latest Aiou Educational news on a single blog website, simply visit and share it with all your interested friends.

FAQs: About Aiou Tutor Search By Roll No

Q: What is an AIOU tutor?

Ans: An AIOU tutor is an instructor assigned to support and guide you through your studies. They mark your assignments, give feedback & are available if you have any questions about the course content or materials. Your tutor is a vital resource, so take benefit of them!

Q: How do you find an AIOU tutor?

Ans: The easiest way to find your AIOU tutor is by entering your roll number on the AIOU website. Log in to the student portal, go to the 'Find Tutor' section, and enter your correct roll number. Your tutor's name and contact details will then be displayed. 

Q: Why is an AIOU tutor important?

Ans: Your AIOU tutor plays a crucial role in your learning journey. They are responsible for marking your assignments & giving feedback to help strengthen your understanding. A good relationship with your tutor will allow you to ask questions, get extra help if needed & have a valuable resource to support your studies.

Q: How do you find Aiou Tutor by Roll No?

Ans: You can find your AIOU tutor by roll number through the AIOU website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the AIOU website and click on the 'Students' tab at the top.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select 'Tutor Search by Roll No.'

  3. You will be directed to the tutor search page. Enter your 8-digit roll number in the box provided.

  4. Click the 'Search' button.

  5. If a tutor is assigned to you, their name and contact details will be displayed. This will include their email address and phone number.

  6. Make a note of your tutors information for future reference. 

Q: Can I Change Aiou Tutor?

Ans: In some circumstances, you may request a change of tutor. This is usually only granted if reasonable concerns about your current tutor affect your progress or experience. To request a tutor change, you must contact the regional AIOU campus in writing and provide a valid reason for your request, along with your roll number and tutor details. 

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