Aiou Online Workshop Schedule Spring 2023-24 Complete Detail

 Allama Iqbal Open University has released the Spring 2023-24 online workshop schedule. As an AIOU student, attending the mandatory workshops is important to your learning & success. Whether you are enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate program, you will want to check which workshops you need to sign up for & get those dates on your calendar.

The schedule outlines the online offerings so you can join in from anywhere with an internet connection. AIOU has recruited experienced tutors to facilitate the interactive sessions. Make the most invaluable opportunities with course material & ask questions & connect with other students. Workshops are your chance to get a very deep understanding of topics & really cement what you have been studying.

Aiou Online Workshop Schedule Spring 2023-24

AIOU Online Workshop Schedule 2024

The schedule for AIOU online workshops in Spring 2024 has been announced. To find your workshop dates, log in to the AIOU website and access the Student Information System. Under the "Workshop" tab, you'll see the schedule for your specific program.

Workshops are mandatory, so block out the dates for the live video sessions. You'll connect with your tutor and fellow students for 4 to 6 hours. The good news is you can do it from anywhere if you have a laptop & good internet connection.

AIOU Online Workshop Schedule 2024 Check By Roll No

To check your AIOU online workshop schedule for spring 2024, log in to the AIOU website and enter your roll number. Your workshop schedule will then appear, listing the courses you're enrolled in, dates, times, tutor information, and links to join the online sessions.

Make sure to attend all required workshops - they're a key part of your learning experience at AIOU. Tutors will cover important topics and concepts during the live online workshops.

AIOU Online Workshop Schedule 23-2024 Last Date

The last date to apply for AIOU online workshops for the Spring 2023-2024 semester is December 15, 2023. Don't delay—workshops fill up fast!

How to Register

To register for your required AIOU online workshops, log into the Student Portal on the AIOU website and click "Workshop Registration." Select the course code for which you need to attend a workshop. Review the available workshop dates and locations, choose your preferred workshop, and submit your registration.

Registration is first come, first served, so register as early as possible for the best selection of workshop dates and times. Workshops for some high-demand courses may fill up quickly, so if you have flexibility in your schedule, choosing a workshop in the middle of the week or on a weekend day may increase your chances of getting into your top choice.

AIOU Workshop Information

Attendance: Attending your scheduled workshops is mandatory to pass your AIOU courses. Check which online platform your tutor will use for the live sessions, whether it's Zoom, Google Meet, or another option. Test your microphone and camera beforehand and log in a few minutes early. Participate actively by asking questions and engaging with your tutor and fellow students.

Preparation: Review your course materials before each workshop to get the most out of the sessions. Come prepared with questions about parts of the lessons you found confusing or want to explore further. Your tutor & classmates will appreciate your enthusiasm & engagement.

Group Work: Some workshops may incorporate group activities, discussions, or projects. Be a team player & do your fair work share. Learn from others in your group & share your knowledge. Making connections with your peers can lead to fruitful meet-ups & friendships.

Extra Help: Don't hesitate to ask your tutor for extra help if you feel you need it. They want you to succeed & will likely give advice for improving your understanding or suggest extra resources. You can also ask them about creating or joining an online study group to work with other students outside of the workshops.

AIOU Face-to-Face Workshop Schedule 23-2024

Face-to-face workshops are an important part of your studies at AIOU. For the Aiou Online Workshop Schedule Spring 2023-24 semester, workshops will be held between March 15 and May 15 at AIOU regional campuses across Pakistan.

As an AIOU student, you must attend the face-to-face workshops for your enrolled courses. Workshops supplement & increase your understanding of course materials understanding. Tutors will review assignments, clarify concepts & give guidance on how to strengthen your work. Attending in-person workshops allows for rich discussions with your tutor and fellow students. This allows you to ask questions, check any difficulties you are facing & make valuable meetings. Face-to-face interaction can lead to deeper & very great learning.

AIOU has released the workshop schedule for the upcoming semester to help you plan ahead. As an AIOU student, attending your workshops is important to your success & progress. While the schedule may seem daunting, tackling it one workshop at a time will make it more manageable. Connect with your fellow students and tutors, ask questions, and participate actively - these workshops are for your benefit.

Make the most of them. Before you know it, the semester will end, and you'll be one step closer to achieving your goals.


Q: How do we check Aiou workshop schedule?

Ans: Log in to AIOU's student portal and click "Workshop Schedule." Enter your roll number to view the schedule for your specific program and courses. The schedule will list any required workshops' dates, times, and locations. Be sure to attend all workshops for your courses.

Q: How do we check the workshop schedule by Roll Number?

Ans: Once logged in to the student portal, click "Workshop Schedule" and enter your unique roll number. This will display only the workshop schedule for your enrolled courses. Check back regularly, as schedules can change.

Q: How to log in to workshop schedule 2024?

Ans: To view the workshop schedule for the Spring 2024 semester, you will log in to AIOU's student portal using your username and password. Click "Workshop Schedule" and select "Spring 2024" from the list of terms. Enter your roll number to see your program's full schedule of mandatory workshops. Schedules are usually posted 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the semester.

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